connect to a TCP/UDP data stream

I receive a lot of data from various UDP/TCP data streams that needs to be processed. Currently, the data is written to log files or a database and then processed according to a schedule. This works, but it implies a delay in the data processing and requires maintaining log files.

Is there a way to configure KNIME to listen to a UDP port or to connect to a TCP port on a network to get the data directly?



Hi tC,

one way to do this is to use the `Python Scripting Node` or the `Java Snippet` node to open a socket and listen to your stream. The `Java Snippet` node can be part of a `Generic Loop Start` and `Loop End` construct, which is reexecuted all the time such that the socket can listen again. I'd rather use the `Python Scripting` node as it allows you to output entire tables, in contrast to single rows (Java Snippet).

Hope this helps,