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Hi everybody,
I have a problem to connect to MS SQL Express using the MS-SQL node. I found two threads on this (one, two), but there is no solution given. Is this still an open issue?

The problem is: if you put “hostname\instancename” in the hostname field, you end up with
which does not work. If you give the instancename as a JDBC parameter you get
plus some
attributeValues={{instancename=“sqlexpress” (LITERAL)}, defaults=null)}
which does not work either.
Any ideas? Of course I can use the generic DB Connector, but hey… :wink:

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Hi Hendrik,

I also had no luck with the MS-SQL node. Instead I use the standard “DB Connector” with the following settings:
Connection Settings:
Database Type: Microsoft SQL Server
Database Dialect: Microsoft SQL Server
Driver Name: Official Driver for Microsoft SQL Server (Version 7.2)
Database URL: jdbc:sqlserver://;instancename=;databaseName=;integratedsecurity=true
Authentication: None
Leave all other settings with default values.

= PC or Server running the database engine
= SQL Server Instance you want to connect to
= the database in the selectet instance you want to connect to

Hope that helps!

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Thanks, Karl!
Yes, I also managed to get it to work with the generic connector, but I wondered why it does not work with the dedicated MSSQL node.

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