Connect to SAP HANA: Calculation View



I want to pull data from a SAP HANA, more specific, a calculation View.

I could successfully conncet to SAP HANA using "Database connector".

In the "Database Table Selector", I can see the Calculation View under folder "CALC VIEW", which is named "tzhgumaa/KUNDE_RECHNUNG_CALC_6". But when I select it and execute the node,

I am getting an error:

SQL syntax error, inccorrect syntax near "/"


I also tried quoting the table name in SQL, and only using the table name without package, but doesnt work.

How to access a SAP Calculation View residing in a package?



Note: "tzhgumaa" is the package in which Calculation View KUNDE_RECHNUNG_CALC_6 can be found.


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Hello Florian,

I'm not a HANA expert but for other databases you use a . to separate schema and table name e.g. "tzhgumaa.KUNDE_RECHNUNG_CALC_6".





I found out by moving between HANA Studio and Knime and trying.

For all that are struggling, here is the solution:





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Can you please provide me the connection or URL string to contact to SAP HANA?

I know that Knime created a new IX HANA nodes. I go to "install knime extensions" but this new node repository isnt there. Do you know how can I download it?

Hi 11atzitzi,

no, we did not release a dedicated Hana node. Maybe it is from one of our partners?

Best, Iris

@FloPits Hey, how could you conect to the SAP Hana using DB Connector?
I am trying for over 2 days now, ando nothing works. With alteryx took me 10 seconds to query inside Hana.

I did install the driver on Knime, but need a help with the Database Type and Url Template, and how to configure the DB Connector.
In Alteryx I only need give the Host, port and login.

My URL on the DB Connector: jdbc:sap://“myhost”:30015/?autocommit=false

Hi @leandro_tonin,

welcome to KNIME Community!

Have seen you opened a new topic for this issue so let’s continue there. Closing this old topic.