connect to Unix + command line

Hi all,

I have some problems in KNIME and wanted to ask for some help.


What I’m trying to achieve is:

·         Do some calculations in KNIME

·         Outcome of calculations are let’s say two numbers (number1 and number2)

Now the tricky part:

·         Connect to Win/Unix platform like I’m doing it with Putty (no SSH, Telnet, so no password etc. needed)


·         Sending command lines to that platform (also just like in putty by the xterm terminal)


Command lines should include the calculated numbers of the workflow.


LOAD program xy

go to number1, number2


Is there a smart way to do this in KNIME? I'm really stuck :(


Kind regards,


You could try to use the external tool node and construct the command line using flow variables. You would need to first extract the calculated numbers into flow variables (e.g. with "Row to Variable" or "Column to Variable"), then build the command line in a "Java Edit Variable" and finally use the command line flow variable in the External Tool node.

Thanks I'll try that :-)

There is just one problem: I have no idea how to code in java :-)


edit: Never mind It is working know. Thanks a lot. :-)


Kind regards,