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Hi Praveen,

I know this has been a while, but you could also use a JDBC driver to connect to Salesforce and access your data. You can use the Salesforce JDBC driver from Progress that works well with KNIME.

Greetings @rprave, were you able to connect to salesforce using the REST connector? If so, can you please share the connector with us? We would like to do the same.

Hi @saqib,

Please have a look at this blog post, it shows you step-by-step how to connect to Salesforce from KNIME using REST API:


Hello, did anyone manage to get this to work? I know this thread is quite old now, but it doesn’t look like there are any other threads on this. Also, I couldn’t get RolandBurger’s solution to work.


Hi there @Yush,

did you manage to get it to work? What’s troubling you?

Here is another topic about it so maybe it can help: Salesforce/ Problem with GET REQUEST


Hi ipazin,

No I didn’t. Using the workflow RolandBurger’s post, I was not able to get very far. I have a username and password for SalesForce, but not a Client ID and Client Secret so i’m not sure how this is supposed to work.

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Hi Yush,

well I guess then you need to find out ClientID and Client Secret. Maybe this article can help you in general:

Also there you will find link to Salesforce REST API Developer Guide which you can check :wink:


Hmm, i’ll have a look. Thanks ipazin.

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Hi Praveen,
You can try to connect your Salesforce to KNIME using Skyvia tool in minutes.
Read more about its possibilities here

Hi there @ElijahStownton,

welcome to KNIME Community!

First time encountering Skyvia tool. So idea is to pull data from Salesforce to Skyvia and then using REST API pull data into KNIME? Have you tried it?


Still looking for a solution for this that exists outside setting up a connected app…


Good day. I have the same problem as above.
I need to connect KNIME to Salesforce. I used the example workflow but I was not able to get a response from the POST request node (No JSON columns available).
I already input the username, password, clientID and client secret… But it didn’t work.
Can you help me to find the possible cause of this error?
Thank you so much.



@mmrcs so POST Request node is successfully executed but you don’t get JSON column or?

@EvanB still in progress…


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@ipazin, does that mean that a native Salesforce Connector node is in the works?

Hi @saqib -

We get a lot of requests for a Salesforce node, and it’s being worked on. That said, I don’'t have an ETA for when it might be available. Stay tuned!


Hello everyone!

Happy to say that with new 4.2.0 version KNIME provides KNIME Salesforce Integration which enables you to connect to and read data from Salesforce. Give it a try and any feedback is welcome!

See here announcement:



Are there any suggestions on writing to Salesforce? Read works great with the new nodes. Are there any plans for write nodes?

You can always set up an API, but that’s probably not as easy as it sounds. :sweat_smile:

Yes, API seems the route to go.