Connecting LIWC to Knime

Hi there,

I’m new to Knime so apologies in advance if this question has been posted in other threads (I haven’t been able to find it hence posting a new one here). I’m trying to connect LIWC to KNIME so I can conduct sentiment analysis for my tweets. I guess in short, I have an API for LIWC, but I’m not sure how to utilise it in Knime. I’ve tried the GET Request node, but haven’t been successful. I’ve also tried to include the URL in various formats provided by LIWC in the URL box e.g.

curl --location --request


Many thanks in advance.

Hi @jojoeeeyy, and welcome to the community!

The GET/POST-Requests can sometimes indeed be a bit tedious to get correctly, and I recommend the software postman to get the request right - it just offers a more immediate feedback of what’s going on. Once that’s working, you can put the request into the settings of the GET/POST Request Node (possibly including headers for authorization) and process the data further.

Alternatively, you can try single line requests like your

in the browser - for me, I get the response {"code":1410,"message":"Missing Authorization header."}{"pong":"Hello there, World!"}, as I’m obviously missing the authorization.

As a motivation, LIWC is mentioned briefly in the Course Material of our [L4-TP] Introduction to Text Processing Course, so I assume it is possible to access LIWC via KNIME :wink:

Hope that helps!
Best, Lukas