Connecting SAP to Knime

How to connect SAP To Knime ? Any steps or Software to download To connect SAP to Knime .



Hi Mahaveer,

You can connect to SAP Hana using our Generic Database Connector with the SAP HANA jdbc lib

one of our partner overs a SAP Hana Connector node. If you are interested, please let us know and we make the contact. You can reach us via

Best regards, Iris 

Hi Iris,

We have observed a huge issue using KNIME tool with SAP HANA. The tables created using the HANA connector by KNIME tool, are all Row Store instead of most efficient Column Store format.

So, first of all Huge HANA in memory is blocked by Row Store, and even though the tables can be converted from Row Store -> Column Store in the SAP HANA, they leave huge memory fragmentation.

A table creation command, CREATE TABLE ABC would create Row Store table in HANA, but if the syntax was, CREATE COLUMN TABLE ABC , that would be Column Store.

Your thoughts on this ? Who might be able to look into the connector coding ?


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If anyone is still looking for SAP connectivity, please check out the KNIME Connector for SAP(KCS):