Connecting to a Database with a special Character in the name

Hi! I am attempting to connect SQL Server on a host-name with a special character in it e.g. dalsql\server12

I am using the SQL server connector node and get the following error on port 1433

TCP/IP connection to the host dalsql, port 1433 has failed. Error: "Connection refused: no further information. Verify the connection properties. Make sure that an instance of SQL Server is running on the host and accepting TCP/IP connections at the port. Make sure that TCP connections to the port are not blocked by a firewall.".

Using Knime 3.5.3 on Windows 10
I am assuming the the JDBC connection is ignoring part of the string after the ‘’. How do I get this to work?

Hi @jdasari,

would you mind sharing a screen shot of the config of your db connector node?

Have you checked to access the SQL server using TCP not using KNIME (i.e., does the server accept TCP connections at all)?

If the server answers connection on TCP not using KNIME, there is something wrong with the db connector node. If the server refuses TCP connections anyway, you have to check the servers config.

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