Connecting to Access DB via DB Connector node when deployed to Server

Hi All,

I have to connect to Access DB which is in the shared folder path.
In my workflow on local machine , have used DB connector node instead of Microsoft Access Connector which is taking so long to establish a connection.
When I used DB Connector node, under Preferences I have added URL path which refers to the access file from the shared folder that has mapped to my local network, which is working fine on my local.

This is the current workflow example,
eg: Sharedfolder - \\root folder\subfolder\filename.accdb
In my local machine mapped to Z: - \\root folder
DB Preferences - URL Template - jdbc:ucanaccess://Z:\subfolder\fielname.accdb

So my question is, if we have to deploy in the server, can we use the below URL template?
eg: jdbc:ucanaccess://\\root folder\subfolder\filename.accdb

Please suggest me the best way to establish a connection to access db.


I tested DB Connector and Microsoft Access Connector connecting to a local (on my laptop) file (Service Call Data3.mdb) in AP 4.7.6 and both worked.

I can’t speak to why the MS Access Connector would be slower in your use case; it seemed equally fast in my environment.
Perhaps the network share you’re using has something to do with it?
But it should work either way.


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