Connecting to Azure Blob Storage - Unable to list root folder

I’m trying to access Azure Blob Storage with Knime 4.4.2 and the Azure Cloud Connector Extension.
I’m using a SAS url, and was able to list files and folders in a subfolder of the container I try to access.
But if I try to access to root of the container, I’m getting the error message:
WARN Azure Blob Storage Connector 0:41 Authentication failed, or the account doesn’t have enough permissions to list containers
ERROR List Files/Folders 0:45 Execute failed: Unable to access /archive/

The name of the container is archive.
If I use Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer App, it can easily list all folders using the same SAS.

Any Ideas?

Hello @whizkid,

same issue as discussed here?


Thanks @ipazin
Yes that is exactly my problem too. The post didn’t show up, when I searched for the issue. I was probably to specific.

Thanks for the quick help. Do you know when a bugfix release is coming? Or do I need to wait for 4.5?

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Hello @whizkid,

All fine. That’s why I read many, many topics :sweat_smile:

Don’t think a bugfix release is coming before 4.5 as KNIME winter release is planned (as always) on December 6. And good news is that fix is already part of nightly build (and can be tested) which means it should be part of 4.5 :wink:

(Ticket number is AP-17990)


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