Connecting to google API

Hey Guys,

I am trying to connect the standard 3 nodes of google authentication, google analytics and google analytics query.

So in the google authentication (API key) node I have added the service account email (which was generated when making a new service account), I downloaded the P12 file onto my PC and specified the location and added the scope as google analytics readonly.

However when I open the google analytics connection node I get the error of Warning: Could not connect to the Google API.

I cannot figure out why, I also gave the service account email access to my google analytics property.



Hi @robkeane89,

Did you enable the Analytics API for you project in the Google Developer Console?

There’s also a blog post, it is a bit outdated, but the configuration steps are still the same, although some pages may look a bit different.

Also, after activating the Analytics API, you might have to wait for the changes to be applied on the Google side. (From experience it can take up to an hour…)


Thanks for replying,

I think I may have found the problem,

I enabled the google analytics reporting API, but there is another API I overlooked called the Analytics API, I spotted this from your message.

After enabling the correct API, do I need to create credentials for API keys, OAuth 2.0 client IDs and service account keys, or just the latter?



Happy to hear that it helped. After having enabled the correct API, if you have already added a Service Account to your project you should be able to use that one, so no additional credentials are needed.

It should work for you now in that case?