Connecting to Google Sheets

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong - I’m trying to connect to Google sheets.

  1. I have authenticated using google drive and sheets read and read/write scope / permissions (i’ve tried multiple variations of this (only sheets, only drive, read only, read / write, all of them)
  2. when I click on select spreadsheet, the selection table is completely blank:

I’ve used the google connector and authentication for google analytics, not sure whey this isn’t working for me?

I also ensured that google drive and google sheets apis are enabled:

this is the workflow - and you’ll note the comment in the last node:

What am I missing? Thank you in advance for your guidance.

I @ebarr.

Have you tried the configuration from this wf?


I have the same nodes on the workflow that was in my post. When I download these workflows, I have to re-authenticate with my own credentials and when I do, the first two nodes seem to work fine, but it’s the last ‘reader’ node that isn’t reflecting a table:

The open space at the bottom is when i press “select” next to the spreadsheet named “Test” - since I’m signing in under my own credentials - I don’t have access to this?

ps - my workflow contains the same nodes - the current and deprecated google authentication (i’ve tried both) and as indicated, I have drive and sheets api ‘enabled’ - I’m wondering if there’s more that needs to be done at the google side?

Hi @ebarr .

Sorry I don’t have a solution for you. There are several responses in the forum regarding problems connecting to google sheets.

Have a look at this one.
Need Help Connecting Google Sheets Reader Node


Thank you - wondering if anyone else has had this issue? I reviewed the link you sent, and from what I can tell, I’ve done everything that is suggested - I’m using the Google Authenticator. I tried using the google drive connector and it clearly shows that there are files in there (see menu on right side, clipped for privacy)

This can be viewed when adding a table reader, set to all files. However, as we know - the table reader isn’t compatible with google sheets. But, this workflow does see the files. When I use the google sheets connector with reader - no files can be read. It’s in ‘my drive’ - not sure that is a shared environment - I’m seeing that shared environments may not work?

when selecting the google sheet:

Seems to be in a circular loop - when connecting via google sheets reader and connector, those files don’t seem to be visible.,


I thought the window was completely blank - the upper left red, yellow, green that allows you to close, minimize, or expand only had the close (red). I scrolled to the right and noticed that the window was incredible small - can’t read any of the files. This image are three screen shots stacked - you can see the select file in the middle ‘stack’:

Even though I can’t read the files, I clicked in there, then down arrow a couple times to where I thought the file was that I needed (it was in fact where I thought it was), then hit okay. The node turned from red with warning sign, to yellow - so I executed the node, and the data passed through. This seems to be a layout issue, not a data issue. This is the only node (that I’m aware of) that has this problem.

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