Connecting to HBASE


I'm having some problems when I try to connect my database reader to hbase.

I downloaded a .jar called hbql, add to the preferences page and I'm using a database reader and passing the following URL:


Knime Console is giving me the error:

Error during fetching metadata from database, reason: org.knime.core.node.InvalidSettingsException: Driver "org.apache.hadoop.hbase.jdbc.Driver" does not accept URL: jdbc:odbc://


Can anybody help with this issue? I'm using the 2.7.3 version of Knime.


Thanks in advance.

Joana Dias

Hi Joana,

According to this page, something like this might work:


Although I do not know where "/devel" should go. Maybe in the Configuration?

Cheers, gabor

Hi Gabor.

devel is the hbase table that I want to access.

It's not necessary to pass this information on the URL?



In that case I think it should be in the query, like:

select * from devel

But I have to admit I have never used HBase before, so I can easily be wrong.

(Assuming you use Java:

final ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery("select * from devel");
//... JDBC Tutorial


Hi Joana,

I am facing the same issue now. Have you rectified it?

I am trying the same for last 4 hours and dont want to waste much time on the same. Could you please let me know how you worked on the same?

Thanks in advance


Will you please help me in sending some example to connect to hbase from html page like login page(servlet) please help me...