Connecting to Microsoft SSAS OLAP cube

I am trying to connect to Microsoft SSAS OLAP cube at my company, however I have not found a way to do so yet. I have asked internally for help from application managers but without any success so far. I have also looked into the links below however I am unable to figure out how to connect. I would really appreciate some insights or help on this matter.

This continues to be a major issue for me as well Polestar01. Hopefully there’s some better answers than I am going to suggest.

The way I worked round this was to set up the SSAS server as a Linked Server on a on-prem SQL Server instance. Then you can connect (from KNIME) to a database on the same server as the Linked Server using a normal KNIME Microsoft SQL Connector node and use SELECT * FROM openquery(’[LinkedServer]’, ‘MDX/DAX as appropriate’) to query your cube or tabular model.

If you need more help, let me know.

Thanks, I will try to see if this works.

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