Connecting to MS SQL

I am brandspanking new at Knime and cannot connect to a MS SQL database.
I drop the Database Connector, configure it to use the Microsoft JDBC driver, but cannot seem to get the database URL field properly configured.

The database I am attempting to connect to is Morty, with username Sam, password 1234.

My last attempt in the database URL field was:
…with Username and Password fields populated.

Each attempt I make results in some variation of:

WARN Database Connector java.sql.SQLException: org.knime.core.node.InvalidSettingsException: Driver “” does not accept URL: jdbc:odbc:

Thanks in advance.

Hi Chris, the URL has to be defined as jdbc:sqlserver://host:port;databaseName=name when connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server. I assume, you already loaded the driver file successfully, otherwise you would not have been able to select the proper driver “microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver”!?! Best, Thomas