Connecting to old version of Omero (4.4.11) using the OMERO Reader node

Hi, I’m trying to connect to an old version of Omero (4.4.11) using the OMERO Reader node. Unfortunately, I’m unable to upgrade to a newer version of Omero, due to running it as part of PEs Proprietary Columbus software.
When I hit ‘Start OMERO.insight’ I get connection failed and suspect this is due to a version mismatch. I’ve tried taking the various jars from my own version of OMERO insight, but with no luck.

Can anyone offer any advice?

You might be able to install an older version of the OMERO integration, by using an old update site: e.g., replace with the release you want to try.

You will need to uninstall the OMERO integration first and deactivate all other community update sites, otherwise it won’t let you install the older version of the plugin.