Connecting to Oracle

Hi ,

I’m trying to connect to Oracle 11g vi Database connector, but it fails.

I added ojdbc14. jar and also ojdbc6.jar under preferences--Knime-- db and also preferences—data management-- driver definition but none of them works.

Please find my configuration below: 

Database Driver:  oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver ( also i tried it with oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver and still no luck)

Database URL:
User Name:  XXX
Database Type:  oracle

with the above configuration I’m getting the following errors.

​ERROR Database Connector   0:229      Execute failed: Could not create connection to database: Connection refused: connect

And if i changed the port to 1521 then ill get 

ORA-12514, TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor

Could you please help me what did i miss?


The error message comes from the database therefore you have to search for and fix the problem there. A quick Google search retrieves quite a few pages about your error message, e.g.

Hi Thor,

I`ve read in the forum the the port should be 1527 and not 1521, Could you please confirm?

Also I have doubt if there is any issues with DB, as we are using the same config for spagoBI.

Ojdbc14 or Ojdbc6 should i use? did you see anything wrong on my settings?


The default port for Oracle it 1521 but in the end it depends on your database configuration. If you are getting a message from the database then it seems that 1521 is also the correct port in your setup.

Internally we are using ojdbc6.jar without any problems. As I said the error message you get is definitly a server-side problem which you need to fix in your configuration. Please check in your database that the service "pdeai" indeed has a TNS listener at port 1521.

Hi Thor,

You were right,  i configured it wrong in one step, Thanks alot for your help.