Connecting two nodes via keyboard shortcut in modern UI + custom keyboard shortcuts

It’s great that in KNIME 5.3 (Nightly build) you can now select multiple nodes with Ctrl+Clicks and move the nodes back and forth with Ctrl+Shift+Arrows. My Feature Request would be that you can also connect two selected nodes with a keyboard shortcut, in the classic UI this is Ctrl+L.
And of course again the request to be able to define your own keyboard, for example to open the table view of a node with F4.

Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Christian_Essen,

Thanks for the feedback. We are developing the feature to connect nodes via this shortcut right now, so hopefully it will be finished for the upcoming release. Our internal reference is “NXT-508 — Connect nodes via an hotkey”.

I will keep you updated as soon as this is included in a nightly build.


@schramm: Great, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: