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HI, looking for some guidance on how to connect 2 workflows. Workflow 1 generates JSON files and pushes multiple files to a folder. Workflow 2 processes the JSON files, pivots them back into “table form” and appends and writes to CSV using a Table row loop.

As a new user I was impressed how much progress I could make using the forum, video guides ect… but on this connection, all my searches have left me still without a solution. I feel there is a simple “path” type node answer ?? Screenshots below.

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Hi bruce_231,
have a look at the Call Workflow node



HI Tobias - well I tried and failed. So I decided to try to build a single workflow. Seemed to be ok. I know the 2 seperate paths work. SO the block is the JSON READER as the “link”.
Node 73 looks ok. (see screenshot 1) its the separated JSON files I want to pivot into CSV.
NOde 562 also looks good. with the flow variable as “Tables”… the JSON files.
However - NOde 560 is a blocker as it can’t seem to “read” the JSON . Which is odd. I’ve tried lots of nodes to sort the PATH/reading but failed. Hope you can point me in the right direction. Thank you


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@bruce_231 you might want to take a look at this example. Calling a sub-workflow from another one. Communications via JSON file while storing the data you want to transfer in ordinary data tables:


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