Connection fail JDBC

Hi all,

My colleague has an issue with with KNIME. We have the same KNIME installation (3.6). We have the same JDBC drivers install. He tries to connect to an SQL database. He used “database connector” with exactly the settings as mine (for me the connection works fine). And when he executes the node gives him the following error.

Database Connector : 3:19 : Execute failed: Could not create connection to database: Could not find driver class: cannot be found by org.knime.database.connectors_3.6.0.v201805030958

What might be the problem? we are having exactly the same pc, drivers, KNIME, set up…

have you registered the driver via the File->KNIME preferences (see screenshot)? Does the driver consist of a single jar file or several files? What database do you want to connect to and which driver are you using?