Connection Management: Add option to select or force all disconnect of one Port


when a node or component has plenty of connections, it is, even by zooming in significantly, impossible to select the connections which I want to server

Either no connection get selected or the entire node with all. Hence, I’d like to suggest to:

  1. Add an option in the context menu to select all connections of one port
  2. Enable to force remove / disconnect i.e. while configuring a component


Hey Mike,

thank you for your feature idea. We will keep it in mind and see if other users are also interested in this. Could you maybe describe a use case of such a feature ? Why would you like to select connections and remove them ? This would leave the receiver nodes without connection and you would need to connect them again anyways. Do I misunderstand your idea ?
All the best

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Hi @lgknime,

the use case is simple, managing the workflow. Though, since it’s impossible to properly select the connections as described in the scenario, I rather tend to say it’s UI bug than a feature.

To further detail out the scenario. Imagine you have many components within those you build reports. Now one connection becomes irrelevant because of optimizations. Since you are unable to disconnect the many connections efficiently or et all, you are forced to expand the prev. component causing a huge mess.