Connection MYSQL in version 4.1.2

I used version 4.0 and, when creating a MYSQL connection, it was certain that the flow would continue even if the connection timed out, as KNIME automatically restored the connection.
Now, with version 4.1.2, it is common for the flow to hang due to the timeout, as DB MYSQL does not connect automatically.
Do you know where I can make him behave like the old one?
“Restore database connection” in configuration DB MYSQL is on.

Hello lucianoicraft,
the new database framework does not provide any way to automatically restore a closed connection. You would need to re-execute the MYSQL Connector node to create a new connection.
So far we haven’t implemented automatic re-connection since it might cause other unexpected problems with session dependent objects such as temporary tables which are suddenly no longer available because KNIME uses a new connection. However we also see the need for this function especially for long running jobs. So we plan to add a re-connection feature to the framework which will allow you to specify how often KNIME will try to connect to the database if the connection is lost.

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Hello @lucianoicraft,
I’m happy to announce that with KNIME Analytics Platform 4.2 all DB Connector nodes have the new option to reconnect to the database if the connection becomes invalid during workflow execution.
To use this feature you have to enable it via the Advanced tab of the node dialog as shown below.
The option is disabled by default since it might have unexpected behavior in some cases e.g. when working with temporary tables that are usually no longer available after a reconnect.


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