Connection of DB nodes from different Metanodes

Hi Team,

I have workflow in which I am extracting the data from DB and performed some joins of different tables using the DB Joiner node.

Now I have other metanodes in which Iam performing the db groupby nodes and DB query nodes and so on.

Could you please suggest me how can I connect the db joiner node from first metanode to DB group By node in second metanode.

Please provide the solution for it.

Subramanyam Kinthada.

Hi @Subramanyam , to get connections in and out on a metanode they need to be in place before you make it into the metanode.

I suggest the following steps:

(1) Expand your metanode again


(2) Drop onto your canvas a couple of db nodes that can be temporarily attached. e.g. a DB Table Selector and a DB Reader

(3) Highlighting just the 3 original nodes (the two DB GroupBy, and the DB Query node)
re-create the metanode

(4) Detach and remove the DB Table Selector and DB Reader

You now have a metanode containing the required ports that you can copy/paste wherever you need it.


Hi @takbb

Thanks for the above method, but My request is how can I create the DB joiner output from first metanode to the DB group by node of the second metanode.

I have processed the joining of the tables in the DB by the end of DB joiner node.
Now I wanna Use the joined table output for rest of my metanodes.

Please refer to my query and let me know for further infromation.

Ok @Subramanyam , I’m not sure what additional information you require, or what else I can add, other than to say that nodes inside two metanodes are joined together by connecting the metanodes:


From the screenshots you uploaded, I assumed (and still assume from re-reading) that your problem is that you don’t know how to join from outside the metanode because the nodes inside it don’t connect to the outside. My above post explained what you need to do to make that happen.

If that still doesn’t answer your question, then it will be that I don’t understand your question.

Perhaps you can show us what both metanodes look like, and restate the problem you are having

Hi @takbb

Thanks a lot, The issue resolved with the above solution.

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Great @Subramanyam . Glad you got it working, and thanks for validating the solution.

To add, in some cases it might be more convenient to just add the correct port directly to the metanode and then connect everything.


Good point @ArjenEX! I should have noted that especially as the reconfigure is partially in one of my screenshots ! I blame it on too much recent working with Modern UI where the option is not available :rofl:

(So switch to Classic UI and reconfigure! :slight_smile: )

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To connect a DB Joiner node in the first metanode to a DB GroupBy node in the second metanode:

  1. In the first metanode, add a new output port with type “DB Data.”
  2. In the second metanode, add a new input port with the same type (“DB Data”).
  3. Connect the output port of the first metanode to the input port of the second metanode.

This establishes a database connection flow between the two metanodes.
Screenshot 2024-01-09 131821
Screenshot 2024-01-09 131745

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