Connection to Azure SQL with MFA Authentication

Hi @tobias.koetter .

Sorry to botther you.

In this forum, you mentioned a way to connect to a database with authentication.
Connection to Azure SQL with MFA Authentication
I didn’t understand how to download the “jars”

Could you explain in a simple way.
I don’t understand much about connection with database.

Here what I need!

I have an connection using SQL Server Management Studio.
But that connection is only by MFA

When I click in “Connect”, it opens a web to authentication,

How to make this work in Knime?

I have tried to use all these options, but with no successes.

Maybe, I have to do what you have explained in that forum.

I really don’t know what I have to do in these two websites.

I’m on the way,

1° I access this site
Copy the text in green

2° Paste to this site, and click it in submit

3° The site provided a zip file with 13 jars (not 14)


4° Then I watched a youtube video from Knime, to register a JDBC driver.
But I don’t know what file I have to register.

I did it my friend.

I made all these steps:

Register jdbc driver.
I have to download in website

Then, I have register in “preferences” the driver and add the directory of the 13 jars that I have downloaded in the beginning of the steps.

After I used your flow and change the configuration to the driver I have created.

Then, in the JDBC Parameter I have copied the same values that was before I change the configuration

:grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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Thanks for posting your solution, glad you managed to get there.

Dealing with jars and custom drivers is not always as simple as it seems like it should be :upside_down_face:

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