Connection to Hive using JDBC Driver in KNIME

Dear coleegs,

I am trying to connect to Hive using a JDBC Driver and DB Connector node in KNIME. Knox thrust certificate is used. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work in KNIME. Nevertheless, it works using some DB development tools. So the connection string, thrust certificate and driver must be fine.

Below you will find my settings and outcomes. Thank you in advance for your answers. Please let me know if any additional information is required.

Kind regards

Oleksii Nikulin

PS. knime.ini file is filled with following statements:

Connection string:

(all <[text]> values are substituted by real values)

WARN DB Connector 0:1 Couldn’t fetch SQL keywords from database.
ERROR DB Connector 0:1 Execute failed: DB Session is invalid. Method not supported

Can you try the Hive Connector Node together with your parameters in the JDBC parameters tab? KNIME has the open source Hive driver already on board and the Hive Connector Node use it as default. The Node has some Hive specific connection settings defined as default (e.g. disabled transactions).

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