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I want to connect to a MS SQL database with my credentials. My user is a part of an AD group that has access to the database. How can I use my credentials to access the database?
I don’t want to use ‘integratedSecurity’ parameter since the authentication to DB fails when I deploy the workflow to server.


Hi @nithinth7,

I use the DB Connector — NodePit node for this always.
I specify the connection in the configuration like this

The same can probably be realised with the Microsoft SQL Server Connector — NodePit node, but for one or the other reason I never use it in workflows.

Oh wait you want to deploy it with your credentials on a server. That’s something I’ve never done. So you can ignore my previous reply.

I assume you can use workflow credentials (right click on the workflow and set them) and prompt the user to enter them. (Unfortunately I do not have knime server to try)

Hi @nithinth7 , I’m assuming that you are connected to your Windows station with the same AD credentials? If so, then you can just use the None/native authentication option in the MS SQL Server Connector from Knime:

It will automatically use your Windows credentials.

EDIT: And if that is not the case, then you need to provide the user name and password of the Windows domain user you want to use for authentication. To do so please select either the Credentials option or the Username & password option. In addition, you need to specify the following entry in the JDBC Parameters tab: domain with <<Windows domain name>> as value:

Click on the Add button, it will allow you to add this entry

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@Daniel_Weikert Thanks for te reply :slight_smile:

This only works when the user is a db user. It is not working for me when the user is part of the AD group, not a db user.

Hi @bruno29a

The second method worked for me with a small tweak. I had to add ‘integratedSecurity’ as JDBC parameter for this to work.

Thank you :slight_smile:



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