Connection to sql database

Hi knimers ,

I want to connect an Sql Database to knime through the database connectore node.

Which driver should I use ? the sun.jdbc.odbc.jdbcodbcdriver or there is another one?

And what should I insert in the username and password fields?

Thanks for your help

hi all , 

To set up the connexion the "sql server browser" service sould be run ?

Should I copy the sqljdbc_auth.dll file in the system32?

Thanks for your help


The only thing you need to install is the correct JDBC driver (.jar file).


what database do you want to connect to? KNIME provides db specific connectors for several dbs e.g. postgresql and mysql via the KNIME Connectors for Common Databases extension for Hive and Impala via the commercial Big Data extension. You cann install all the extensions via the KNIME update site simply open KNIME and go to File->Install KNIME Extensions.

For all other databases you have to register the apropriate JDBC once in KNIME as decribed in the DB documentation.



Hi , 

I want to connect to an SQL SERVER 2005 database in a remote server , so i guess I have to use the sqljdbc.jar  4.0 to connect to the database ,right?

Is there any link where I can find it?


Yes at the bottom of the DB documentation page you can find a collection of links that point to JDBC drivers of different vendors including MS SQL Server.