Connection to SQL Server Database yielding timeOutException after trying a couple troubleshooting tips

Hi All

I am having some issues with getting a connection from KNIME to SQL Server (using sqljdbc4.jar) once I configure the Database Reader Node I see:

WARN Database Reader java.sql.SQLException: java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException
From here I tried following:
  1. Setting a longer timeout in Knime.ini -Dknime.database.timeout=100
  2. Tried setting a Java VM Argument in Knime.ini (maybe this does not belong here or I have syntax error)   --  -Djava.library.path="C:\\Users\\Dennis\\Desktop\\Dropbox\\Database Drivers\\sqljdbc_4.0\\enu\\sqljdbc_auth.dll"
  3. Tried downloading JDTS driver from  (I am not sure if I need to do anything more than remove sqljdbc4.jar and add the jtds-1.3.1.jar under drivers and restart knime)

So at this point I suspect user error, as I thought one of these options would work.  Any thoughts?

Much thanks



Actually, you only need to register the sqljdbc4.jar inside the preferences File > Preferences > KNIME > Database Driver and the Database node should work out of the box. There might be some issues in the configuration of the node itself... can you please post the stack trace from the KNIME console. Furthermore, SQL Server connectivity and KNIME have also discussed in the post.


I figured the issue out...looks like the part of the original connection string "databaseName=myDB" was causing the issue.   I am simply going to roll the DB name into my query:

So now the connection string is simply  jdbc:sqlserver://MYSERVERIPADDRESS:PORT

Select * from compounds becomes...

Select * from myDB.compounds

Thanks Again