Considering switching to KNIME from Alteryx

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In a cost cutting effort I am seriously considering closing my Alteryx account and move the the KNIME platform. I want to be a quick study on this, to see if it right for me and my company. I have read comparisons on line between the two, however, what I am looking for is the string of commands in KNIME that are regularly pulled out of Alteryx… Kind of this is what I do in Alteryx to achieve this, and this is how you do it in KNIME. I know that this is cheating on the learning, I just need to quickly understand the flexibility and capabilities to ensure it does everything that I need.

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Hi DSL24,

I recently made the switch from Alteryx to KNIME and the learning curve was very short.
I think in order to address your concerns accurately, it would be most ideal if you listed all of the Alteryx nodes you use, and i’ll let you know if there are equivalent nodes in KNIME. Do you think that would help?

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Hi @DSL24,

We already have two books about converting from SAS to KNIME and Excel to KNIME. But no Alteryx to KNIME.

Maybe our online courses would be a fast option for learning KNIME for you? We have a free e-learning course, regular beginners and advanced online courses (Starting January) and the fastest way to get to know the KNIME community is our KNIME Summit.

And you are actually already in a great place to learn more about KNIME: We have a great community in the KNIME Forum :slight_smile:

Let us know if you need any help.
Best, Iris


I used Alteryx extensively for four years and now have been using KNIME exclusively for two years. I have not yet found anything that I could do in Alteryx that I cannot do in KNIME. Some things are a bit easier in Alteryx (for example, I like the way Alteryx allows you to easily change field types with a select tool, I like the Alteryx join tool where you can easily see everything that comes out of the left and right joins in joins, it’s easier to see and change the columns that are feeding into a union …), but all of that functionality is available in KNIME, even if it requires a few more steps.

I have found KNIME’s flow variables to be more powerful than the Alteryx equivalent, and from what I’ve seen of how creating, tuning and maintaining data models it is far superior.

And, of course, KNIME is free and Alteryx, while a great product, is too expensive.

I highly recommend switching.



Thanks to All for your responses.



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