Consistency in digits following a decimal point

In version 5, can the software consistently show the same number of digits after the decimal. I have seen some columns that had numbers like this: 1 followed by a .58 followed by a .342. That makes it difficult to read and compare.
A related problem is that the numbers in various tables are adjusted to the left, rather than to the right which would make clearer their relative size.
For an example, look at the columns of Accuracy statistics from the Scorer in the sample workflow “Building A Simple Classifier”

Hi @njacknis ,
thank you for your feedback! I will pass it to my colleagues.

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Hey @njacknis,

thanks for the feedback. Number formatting is on our list and will enable you to define how many decimals you want to display and much more. Why is right alignment better than left alignment in this case?



Right alignment lines up the numbers properly so a quick glance can allow the use to see relative sizes. Compare the current display:
with a right alignment and consistent decimals:

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