Console Log - Level of Entry: Node created an empty data table.

My logs are full of irrelevant entries. Even if I configure my logger (appender) to level Warning I still can read:

2020-10-27 02:29:33,080 : WARN  : KNIME-Worker-0-Column Rename (Regex) 0:996:0:0:0:618:611 :  : Node : Column Rename (Regex) : 0:996:0:0:0:618:611 : Node created an empty data table.

KNIME warns me in this case one of the Nodes in my Workflow generated empty data. Maybe, I often design more complex workflows since I implement really complex integration workflows that copy and transform data among enterprise systems. From my point of view, it is normal and frequent some logic gives not data at a certain time or under certain conditions. Usually, I search for new, changed, or deleted data. It is OK when there are not new nor changed nor deleted data. In such a case a number of nodes in my workflow work without data. It can change tomorrow. But what drives me crazy, I find lots of warnings in my logs informing me nodes didn’t create any data. I’d prefer warnings would inform me something wrong or unusual happened to my workflow than having my log polluted with irrelevant information.

Hello @jan_lender,

these are crazy times but we should’t go crazy! I agree with you and there is a feature request to address it. (Internal reference: AP-4231) I have boosted it :slight_smile:



Hi Ivan,


Thank you

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