GroupBy Node - Wrong Level of Log Entry (Warning): No aggregation column defined

I believe you do agree it is a correct use of GroupBy node to configure just grouping and no aggregation columns. It happens usually if you’re interested in the unique values of a column and you don’t care about any group functions at all.
What I consider annoying is that GroupNode at design time or worse at the run time complains there was not an aggregation column defined and it uses the WARN log level for the log entry it produces in that case. I don’t think this level is adequate since the situation is not necessarily erroneous. It complicates problem investigation and makes it impossible to monitor workflow automatically if the log gets full of irrelevant warning entries.
This relates to the topic Console Log - Level of Entry: Node created an empty data table. and the internal AP-4231 ticket.


And it related to my repeated topics about the RowID node that has a similar problem, eg. “resetting” rowids also leads to a warning. And in one of them I actually also mention this exact problem.

And to repeat from said topics:

changing the log level is not a solution because some warnings are actually relevant and required to be seen.

Hello @jan_lender,

added +1 to internal ticket (Internal reference: AP-9026).



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