consolidate files in a folder

I have create the following workflow and wanted to consolidate three files in a folder.

This is the result I want:

But the result the I’ve got it’s duplicated for three times. What did I do wrong?

Hello @newba ,
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If you have the same columns in all the excel files, you don’t need to use loop nodes anymore. You can use files in a folder option.

To select only the files that you want, you can use wildcard or regex filter in Filter options → File Name

If this doesn’t solve your issue, you can always use loop node

I think it is better to use List files/folders node instead of Read Excel Sheet Names node as your requirement is about different files in a folder rather than different sheets in a excel file

Please make you sure the variables you are creating are of path format.

with loop end node configuration



@newba you could check if forcxing to use the Excel Sheet name thru an additional variable might help you (there is a ticket for a possible problem with that AP-18133)

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After I removed the loop. It works perfectly!
Thank you so much!


This is really helpful. Thanks!

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Thanks @newba , for confirming that my suggestion worked.

Please make my reply as the answer so that people can know which is the solution to your problem.

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Thanks for telling me that.

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