Content is not allowed in prolog


I am unable to load my workspace project and getting this error:- Unable to parse xml: line=2: Content is not allowed in prolog.
dtd: URI=null

Can anyone help me with this? I would be very thankful.

If you google this error message the link below shows up that basically says you have to remove special characters from the front of your XML file any maybe check the encoding (UTF-8 vs. UTF-16).

Maybe you can give us a little more context:

  • what is your operating system
  • what is your file system
  • are you on a local machine or a server
  • do you use any online(-backup) services like one-drive where your workflow is
  • have you checked that your hard drive is OK
  • does this error occur with all your workspaces or just one
  • have you made any recent changes
  • you could try and set up a new knime-workspace and then try to copy several folders there and see if they can be opened
  • could you try again and send us the log file (maybe delete or rename the old log before that)

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