Context menu to paste to textfields?

Hi all,

I think it would be user-friendly if the textfields (like the one in the File Reader) would give a context menu with Cut/Copy/Paste functions.
What do you think? (These editing functions are supported by the JTextField with shortcut keys, but it has no default popup menu.)
Bests, gabor

Copy/Paste operations are not supported in Database Reader configuration dialog also. It is uncomfortable. It would be more comfortable to add not only context menu with “Copy” and “Paste” commands, but shortcut keys (Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V) also.

Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V works for me in Database Reader and Database Connector nodes in the following fields:

  • Database URL
  • User name
  • Query
Ctrl+V even works in password field.

Sorry, I forgot to give some more details: I use KNIME version v2.0.3.0021120 and the Java version 1.6.0_01 on Windows XP.
You can see this values by clicking “Help-> About KNIME” to see the KNIME version you are using and by clicking in the same dialog on the “Configuration Details” button. There you can find - with some patience - the java version you are using.
Does it differ or do you still have the same problem with a comparable setup?

Hello, fabian,
no one feature which works for you, works for me.

My configuration is the following:
Windows XP Pro SP3 Rus
Eclipse 3.5.0
Java Version 6 Update 10 (build 1.6.0_10-b33)

I suppose you use Desktop edition, because you have menu item “Help-> About KNIME”. I don’t have this menu item , but I have “Help - About Eclipse SDK”.

Well, this is some, let’s say, "uncommon"configuration. Especially the Eclipse 3.5 part :wink:
Nice to hear that it seems to work more or less, because KNIME 2.0.3 is designed for Eclipse 3.3.
Anyway, we also had some strange effects with the different Java 1.6 updates and discovered that the 1.6.0_01 was the one with the fewest bugs.
Thus, your problems might relate to Eclipse 3.5 or to your Java version.

I registered bug 286526 for Eclipse But I don’t know how to register bugs for Java. On the site there are only a few bugs, but no possibility to add a new one.

All I wanted to say is that the configuration you are using is not tested - and this may always lead to problems. Since we are using an SWT_AWT bridge for our dialogs it might also be a problem of the Java version.
However, reporting a bug is always very helpful and appreciated if the responsible people can reproduce and understand it. Providing some description how to report the bug and details about the configuration is hence considered to be standard when reporting bugs. And of course, it should be thoroughly tested.
Did you try to reproduce the problem by using the recommended Java version in order to analyze where the problem might come from?
I would recommend to use the configuration which is available on the web: KNIME SDK 2.0.3 with Eclipse 3.3. Can you reproduce the problem there as well?

Hello, fabian.

I will install recommended configuration of KNIME. But could you answer to support of Eclipse Paul Webster asks me “what code you used to hook up Copy or Paste in your views and why it is working in 3.3 but not 3.5”. I don’t know answer.

Let us know if you still encounter the problems with the recommended setup. Please understand that we currently do not have the resources to care about problems occurring in not recommended configurations - and in addition this seems to be a very special case.

Hello, fabian. I installed recommended configuration - KNIME SDK 2.0.3 with Eclipse 3.3. Copy/Paste works.