Continental Nodes and Excel Sheet Appender

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This question was posted awhile back…

…about the fact that, at the time, continental nodes for XLS formatting did not work for anything other than the default sheet in an excel workbook…in other words I can’t specify the sheet for which I want to apply formatting. At the time it was stated this was on the list of things to address in, I gather, the next KNIME release. Did that ever happen? Was there ever a workaround developed or is it still in the works?



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Looking at the site:, about 3/4 of the way down there is this:

XLS Sheet Selector Node
This node initializes a XLS formatting port object with the name of a sheet to target all subsequent formatting instructions to. Multiple sheets can be addressed in parallel chains and be combined via the XLS Format Merger Node. Omitting this node leads to the default (i.e. first) sheet being picked during the XLS Formatter (apply) node’s operation.

After my original post I didn’t use the Continental Nodes so I can’t say how this may work in practice. It looks promising to me!

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Absolutely worked like a charm after some initial trial and error. Thanks!!!



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