Continental package working on a multiplesheet output

I love everything about knime except for the formatting part (coloring, merging the cells … giving a title to the sheet …and so on) which often remains manual.
Almost always in my worflows I condense multiple related reports on the same output excel sheet by adding them as sheets to the same file (and adding multiple data table input ports to Excel Writer).
I understand that Continental would allow to automate formatting but it doesn’t work (or I can’t get it to work ) on an ouptut file that has multiple sheets, do you have any advice? Have you got the same problem?

Hi @Tano,

Welcome to the forum. Have you tried using: XLS Sheet Selector – KNIME Hub to select the sheet you want to work with?


Hi @wkhan , no I do not.
Please, can you share an example of this application node with some Continental Node that leads to formatting an Excel with multiple sheet? Thank you!

If you scroll to the bottom of the page I linked you will see a few example workflows. Here is one in particular:


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