Continental XLS Conditional Formatter

Does anyone know how pass flow variables to change the colors in the XLS Conditional Formatter? Changing the scale points is straightforward, but I’m at a loss with the colors.

Hi @rfeigel ,

I hadn’t used it but what is it about the colours that you are having trouble with?
Is it translation of the colour palette to the values in the variables, or how the variables relate?

The simplest way to work out flow variables if you don’t know the values to use is to populate the “extra boxes” on the flow variable tab:

Enter in each box a unique name and these will cause the node to generate flow variables for each selected value:

Then set the config dialog…

And execute the node, and view the flow variables from it

You can see that for each of the settings, values have been assigned to the listed variables.

From this, I can see that each colour on the config is represented by flow variables as the Red, Green, Blue and Alpha intensity values. I’m not going to worry about Alpha. This is usually “transparency” and I’m going to assume it is just left at 255 meaning “opaque” and 0 meaning “transparent”, but I may be wrong or you may want to play if you wish :wink:

As for the Red, Green and Blue values, you have a couple of options for working these out. You can try setting the config to the colours you would like, then see what numbers pop out using the above method, and then use these for your settings via flow variables, or you can use lookups on the web for the RGB values of different colours.

In its most basic form R G B values are :
Red 0 Green 0 Blue 0= BLACK
Red 255 Green 0 Blue 0 = RED
Red 0 Green 0 Blue 255= BLUE
Red 0 Green 255 Blue 0= GREEN
Red 255 Green 255 Blue 255= WHITE

And from the flow variable dialog I pasted above, we can see that:
Red 153, Green 51, Blue 255 = Some form of PURPLE
Red 255, Green 255, Blue 0 = YELLOW

Modifying the various values between 0 and 255 gives you all the colours in between from the full 256 x 256 x 256 = 16+ million variations.

Visit somewhere like HTML Color Picker for help with RGB values,

or there are various other resources on the web for the values.

I hope that helps, but if you are having other difficulties then please give more details.


Thanks very much! I’ll play around with your suggestion.

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Using your suggestions, here’s what I developed. The top component gives the user several choices of color pickers. The bottom component has inputs for the color codes and scale points and some simple input data.


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