Continue loop if exception occurred

I have a workflow with nested loop to read log files in the outer loop and extracting the desired data from the log file in the inner loop. Problem is that there are some empty log files in the list, it caused no input table for inner loop.
Is there any way to jump over the inner loop if an empty table created in outer loop and continue to read the next log file? So I can get the result for all not empty log files.

Is there any way to do so???
Thanks in advance.

The Empty Table Switch node (see should do what you want.


Which node should I connect when the output of Empty Table Switch node is empty?

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You need the End If node, just put it in front of the Loop End and connect the the two branches of your workflow to it.

You can configure the Loop End node to continue on empty table by setting the Ignore empty input tables option.


Thanks @gab1one - I was just coming back to post pretty much an identically-worded reply :slight_smile:


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Thanks gab1one and Vernalis-Developers, my workflow is executed successfully after following your valuable guideline.