Continue workflow despite "Node created an empty table node"


I am a new user to KNIME, been finding the forums and helps very useful so far.

Currently for my data sets, I have 2 type of sales in one country.
Website/ Store.

As I have to do alot of numerical operations on the price and quantity, I row filter individually and carry on the workflow

At the end of the numerical calculation, i will combine the two Website and Store into an excel as a summary

However, sometimes we make no sales on store and this creates an empty table node and my workflow stops.

Is it possible to insert a row to say no data if an empty table is generated, so i can continue the workflow?

Hello @liangkai54 , and welcome to the KNIME community.

This is the node to switch your challenge:

Here there is a use case similar to your request:



Sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for the link!
Let me try and get back to you.

Edit: Tested out the suggestion thread and it worked as expected!
changed the 2nd excel reader to a table creator. this allowed me to input the type of values I wanted.

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