Controlling IF Switch Node , by a variable - simple case

Hello All

Any help on the bellow would be appreciated


Hi @Adrix , the strings to use is “top” and “bottom”, where “top” will route the IF to the top output port and “bottom” will route the IF to the bottom output port.

Just be sure to use the variable from your String Configuration in the IF Switch.

You have to set it up under the PortChoice in the Flow Variables tab:

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but IF I write Top, and configure IT will run both, in fact no meter what we type

Please confirm I have updated.
Link in the first post

Sorry , it was the caps

it is running


Thanks for the help @bruno29a

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That’s correct @Adrix , it’s case sensitive, like everything else in Knime (data, column names, string comparison, etc), so be mindful of that :slight_smile:

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