Controlling KNIME Server availability


I am a data scientist that has used KNIME Analytics Platform for several years. I recently had to downgrade my PC to a less powerful machine and this has caused my workflow development to struggle. I am looking into KNIME Server Small/Medium on AWS Marketplace as a solution, but I am unsure about how to optimize the PAYG (pay as you go) feature for KNIME Server.

I was wondering if you could help clarify how I am able to control the KNIME Server availability? I have read that there are ways to start and stop the KNIME server with a runlevel script, but from what I’ve read it seems that the user would need to run the script.

The ideal state would be to have these workflows fully automated, with KNIME server spinning up and down on a schedule, so that I can focus on development work on my local machine. The total runtime of these workflows is about 5 hours a day, Monday-Friday.


Hi Cullen,

you might want to look into AWS schedulers to automatically spin up and down your instances.

Hello Marten,

Thank you for your reply!

I have looked into using instance schedulers for my EC2 instance. My question is more directed at the KNIME Server itself. Will the KNIME Server stop if the EC2 instance is stopped?

I need a way to control the availability of the KNIME Server itself since I’m not in a position to purchase an annual license.


Yes, KNIME Server is configured as service which will be stopped gracefully at shutdown and started on startup of the instance.



Thank you very much for your help!