Conversion decimal to binary

I’m looking for a solution to convert decimal values into binary in knime.

I found this thread:

, which is something like half way for me, as i would like to convert doubles into binary, which is not working with the Java “Integer” input.

Is there somebody how could help me please, so solve this issue?

Thanks a lot

Hi @Chris12345

This was nice challenge :slight_smile: I posted my workflow on the hub.
Because it loops every record, it is not that fast… But I think it works. I checked the resutls on this website . But better see for yourself as well.
Schermafdruk van 2023-02-12 10-55-57

gr. Hans


@Chris12345 you can try and employ a Python node to convert doubles into binaries (following “IEEE 754 binary representation of floating-point numbers”) - I have employed ChatGPT which took some loops and changes but now the results seem to be good.


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