Convert an entire table (Strip + uppercase)

Hi guys,

Here is the fact: I have an input table (around 90 columns) and I need to uppercase and remove blanks for each column values using Knime.

I already know (and use) the “String Manipulation” node by which I am able to manipulate data column by column.
Does anyone knows or have experience with an “automatic” way to convert the whole 90 columns in one shot (maybe using a loop). I tried with the “Column List Loop” but with no success :frowning:

Thanks for the support



Hi @AlessandroMarchesani -

Here’s the way I tackled this, as shown in the attached example workflow. I’m making use of the currentColumnName flow variable twice in the Column Expressions node - in both the expression itself and the output column.

If this isn’t what you were aiming for, let me know.




LoopOverColumnExpressionsExample.knwf (11.2 KB)

Hi Scott,

this is exactly what i needed! Thank you so much!!

You saved me a lot of time!

Cheers and thanks again!


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