convert date in colums with total days for time series analysis

I have csv file with a column date (start date of holidays) and another column with the number of vacation dates.

My csv file does look like:

Date total days of vacation
01.02.2013 10
04.06.2012 5
... ...

I want to perform a timeseries analysis and want to answer how many vacation days in total I have on a given date per year.

Thank you much for any hints.

Kind Regards,


Hi Sebastion, 

To get started, I would add something like a "String to Date Time" node to covert your date column into a KNIME Date/Time field.  Use a data format string like: "dd.MM.yyyy".  From there, you can extract data fields, to get the data and year, and then use a groupby to aggregate.  Give it a try and post back if you have any questions.  

Regads,  Aaron

ps - The Jfreechart Line chart node can use dates for it's x-axis.