Convert epoch timestamp (unix) to classic date

Hi everybody,

I have huge files with columns that are using epoch style for timestamp i need to convert them to classic dates, i searched all the nodes within knime but with no success ! is there a way to use a java snipet for this and what will be the transformation to use please ?


Thank you for your help


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It is the Date/Time Shift node you are looking for :-)


You can configure it to use a shift value from column (this is your timestamp) the granulartiy would be miliseconds, I suppose. Than choose a fixed date in the Date reference (e.g. the 1.1.1970)


Best, Iris

Thank you Iris,

Your strategy works :) i used seconds instead of milliseconds


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Hey I am dealing with the same problem, but my epoch time is a digit type. How would you convert to date first so that you can use the date shift node?


Appreciate it.



There are two date time shift nodes, what Iris is referring to is Legacy. HTH

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