Convert from number to string within a loop

Dear knime users,

I’m now using knime V4.0 however I meet a problem when using the new node “string to number” inside a loop (where some file have some numbers and others don’t).
It’s perfectly working with the old “deprecated string to number” node. Is it a bug of the new version? or is there another more simple way to do it?


Hi @crnico,

What problem? And would you please provide some examples?


Hi there @crnico,

I guess you are talking about Number to String node?

As @armingrudd suggested can you provide some more info and what error are you seeing?



Sorry for my late reply. Unfortunately I cannot share my set of data since these are confidential.
However here’s an example :

Can you open the dialog of the new Number to String and add a screenshot?

Sure, here it is :

this is the new one which I cannot make work properly

And here’s the old one which is perfectly working

With the enforce exclusion inclusion list you can define what happens to new columns.

If you for example use as here enforce inclusion, with an empty list, all columns will always be excluded.
If you change this to an empty exclusion list, all columns will always be included.


Ok sorry this was my mistake now it’s perfectly working!
Thanks to all of you!



Puh! :smile:

That is awesome! I was scared we accidentally introduced a bug!

Actually I like the new column selection panel much more than the old one. As in loops it is clearer where columns are going.

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Actually the problem was me I didn’t understood how it was working. But now it’s perfect! Thank you all for your Time on this.


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