convert from string to date format

I have a string column with a value of 2/25/2020 and need to convert it to datetime. I use the node String to DateTime and give it the format of MM/dd/YYYY but it gives me an error. What format string is to be used when the month has a single digit?


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On configuration press Guess date type and format. Node will chose the one that works.

Hi, Thanks for response. Unfortunately that didn’t quite work…

See quick format of simple workflow.

In table creator I have 1 column string with value of “2/25/2020”.

In string to Date node I list column form as MM/dd/YYYY but it fails giving error as ERROR String to Date&Time 19:2 Execute failed: Failed to parse date in row 'Row0: Text ‘2/10/2020’ could not be parsed at index 0

I guess MM/dd/YYYY doesn’t seem to work even if I append a 0 to string. Also choosing guess data type and format doesn’t seem to work.

Did I do something wrong?


Red box shows you that you format is not a date&Time but Date.

I changed to date but it still gives me an error. Thoughts?

Did you press the button?

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yes… in red is says No suitable format found! Date format is MM/dd/YYYY and new type shows date.

still not working… I’m using knime 4.1.1


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Try format M/d/yyyy .

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Unfortunately I try M/D/YYYY and it does not work. I also try M/d/YYYY it doesn’t work either. Sigh…

Thanks for responding…

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Y should be in small letters.


I try M/D/yyyy with no success. M/d/yyyy works! Thank you very much!

Thank you! Might you suggest a link to see the format strings for future efforts?

Thank you!

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The guess button works for me.

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Hi @jeff -

Check the node description panel on the right hand side of your screen for more info on the the syntax (M = month, y = year, etc) - you might have to scroll down to see all the details. As you have already surmised, the format options are case sensitive, so you have to be careful.

As @izaychik63 pointed out, the “Guess data type and format” button is there, but it will only work for formats that it knows about. So, now that you have provided a new format by manually typing it in, it should be able to guess that properly when you configure the node in the future.


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