Convert Html to Excel

I have several html files that I want to convert to Excel through Knime and then append them together.
Can you please guide me in the form of a picture?

Hi @alex1368 ,

All the html files are only tables? I’m asking it because you will have troubles with different kind of content to map and register it…

You can use the read files node to get the data and use the Xpath to map the fields to create your table in knime…

Other tip is throw Palladin extention to parse the html


If you have the information from a website, you can use the retriever html/crawler node for it, just making requests to the url and convert it to table too…

Well, if you put some details, can be more productive. A workflow for example.




Thank you for your great advice
I am a beginner user of knime software, learning by myself.
Please guide me how I can download this node and enter it into my software.
Also is it possible to tell me what nodes I can use to clean the data?

Yes, I have many offline Html files that have the same structure and I want to consolidate them into Excel format.

Hi @alex1368

Are you able to share (upload) such a HTML file. It makes it easier for the people on the Forum to create a solution.
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gr. Hans

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How can I download this node and load and use it in the software?

Hi @alex1368

gr. Hans

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