convert "Local Date Time" to "Local Date"

Is there a one-step way to add a column of type “Local Date” derived from a “Local Date Time” column? I.e. remove the time from the “Local Date Time”. I’m trying to join two tables and need a column that is “Local Date”. Obviously data time to string and back could do it. Looking for a clean one-step way. “Modify Date” did not work because it didn’t recognize “Local Date Time” columns. Apparently “Local Date Time” is a different type than “Date Time”. Also of note, could not remove timezone from “Local Date Time”. But could add a TZ. Thought that “local” implied there was a TZ. Apologies, new to all these time formats.

I believe the Modify Time node is what you’re looking for. Choose the option to “remove time” and you’ll just be left with a date in a Local Date format.


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